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It's time to strike out...

The global pandemic has knocked us all sideways and continues to challenge us all in a variety of ways, on a number of different levels. It’s been one thing to manoeuvre through these strange times, quite another to make plans for the future. But plan we have.

We’ve questioned our purpose over the last few months. We pondered our existence and looked at what makes us tick. We accentuated some positives! We tell stories in extraordinary ways. We exist to tell stories, to make theatre, to reflect the world, to push boundaries, to celebrate humanity. We exist to surprise, to collaborate, to risk, to welcome, to build, to find meaning, to give people a bloody good night out and to show audiences something they’ve never seen before.

Kneehigh is ideally placed to create socially distanced event and performance both outdoors and indoors. We need to build the teams and the infrastructure to be in a position to deliver next year. The journey has already begun this summer in our unique creative space, The Barns, and reaches towards a festival season of food, event and performance in our Asylum next summer.

We wanted to share our plans with you.

Mike Shepherd & Carl Grose
Artistic Directors

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