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A Message from Kneehigh

As we all attempt to make sense of these unnerving and perplexing times, we at Kneehigh just wanted to extend our love and well wishes to everyone out there working through the current challenges.

We stand in solidarity with all of our friends, our fellow artists, to the freelancers still awaiting word from the government, to the venues and their staff the world over, to our dear audiences, to the amazing doctors, nurses and health care professionals at the NHS, and all of you vital key-workers, the very life-blood running through society’s veins who are keeping the wheels moving right now….

You are heroes all.

Writing this feels a little like a drop in the ocean, but little drops make big waves. It’s important for us to keep connected. To build windows through which to see and hear one another. To offer support where we can. To share our stories. To keep in touch.

Take care, be safe, stay in, be wise, and see you on the other side.

From all of us at Kneehigh


ps… here’s the brilliant Tim Dalling with a round for the NHS, recorded in lockdown:

Kneehigh is a band of brave storytellers that makes theatre and takes risks.

Kneehigh is artist-led and takes the conditions of creativity seriously. It has a sense of family, looks to challenge and entertain, and balances freedom of expression with rigorous craft.

Kneehigh is political and creates theatre of humanity on an epic and tiny scale. Based in Cornwall in breath-taking barns on the south coast, Kneehigh looks to the world for inspiration and tells stories that reflect the world.

Kneehigh defies expectation and breaks the rules. It celebrates non theatre going audiences and unconventional spaces, embraces inclusivity, and believes in a sense of event.

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